Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I hate it when I mope

That was too emo. Here's a picture of me and Santa:

And if that isn't enough to recover:


I'm thankful that I get to go home for Thanksgiving. I haven't been in Indiana since June so you can understand how I miss it so much. Sorry I haven't posted here much. I'm in a turbulent time in my life so I haven't been the artist I want to be. I hate to post about my emotions (this isn't a live journal this is an art blog!) so I clam up during hard times.

I've been interning at AMS Pictures and I'd tell you all about it except I signed and NDA so it's a secret. It's a great place and if this results in a job I'll be living here in Dallas for a nice long while. If it doesn't then I guess it's time to move back to Indianapolis.

I guess it's time to post my LATE Halloween pictures now.

It's also prudent that I finally post my (not as late but yes they are) photos from the Whispering Pines excursion. They're pretty neat.

Moving to Dallas hasn't been easy. I've had to rely on people more than I'm comfortable with and give up a measure of my own personal freedom. I'm grateful for opportunities I've been given here but I'd give it all up to have control again.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wispering Pines

Boy am I bad at blogging. I've been in Dallas for a week but you wouldn't know it from this site. Bigger news is that I've been in Trinity, TX shooting the Spirit international amateur golf tournament at the Whispering Pines golf course.
We got to sleep in a little longer today, here in Trinity,TX and enjoy an amazing sunrise on the lake. Expect a full report later including my hole in one shot, the sexiest foreign women, and chasing of deer.