Saturday, May 22, 2010

With the sunrise...

... our adventure is over. Now on to the airport and back to Indiana.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Willmington Update 5

What a day! We've hit the first lull in an already action packed day of golf!

Garmin Nuvi Fun – Dracula

Yes, Dracula. From Konami Krazy Racers another Mario Kart clone. It’s a good one though. This is Dracula from Castlevania driving a Go Kart! That is mind blowing.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Willmington Update 4

The last teams have passed through my hole. A busted camera only made my day more boring -- not easier.

At least it's a beautiful day out.

Fun Facts:
1. My shot has only been used once thus far today.
2. The first shot was a perfect chip-in.
3. My tripod was locked at the time.

Willmington Update 3

The show has started on bu[ there's no signal from the cameras on my hole. #ohshiiiiii

Garmin Nuvi Fun – Crash Bandicoot

Yes, I put together a Crash Bandicoot vehicle. The sprites are pulled from Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart a generally awful Mario Kart clone for the GBA. If you thought this was a surprise wait till Friday.


Yesterday was like a vacation but today is for working.

That makes waking up to this view hard to let go of.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Torrential storm at the dinner table.

Eating at Blue Water in Willmington, NC we get rainwater dumped on us.

Check it:

9th floor suite is 9th degree sweet.

Check out dis view!

Check out my view from the 16th hole at the 2010 NCAA Men's Golf Championships.

Garmin Nuvi Fun – Donkey Kong

Have you ever listened to the music in Donkey Kong Country? I mean have you listened? Seriously stellar stuff.


Wilmington Update 2

Landed for the second (and final) time in Willmington. The headache is clear. Everyone but The Viz is tired.

Wilmington Update 1

Finally fell asleep at 1:00, woke up at 4:30, got to the WSP offices a half hour early and now I wait till my ride the the airport arrives.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garmin Nuvi Fun – Bowser

Bowser involved a lot of ‘shopping up before he would look good on the Nuvi. The original sprite was so faded and ill-colored that it need significant alterations. But hey, that’s what I do.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Garmin Nuvi Fun - Yoshi

I love me some Yoshi, but there are people who LOVE THEM SOME YOSHI. Those people scare me. I mean, I loves Yoshi’s Island as much of the next guy. It’s a good game. Top 10 platformer of all time. No question. What I’m afraid of are the people who fantasize about living wish Yoshi on his aforementioned island.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blogging from Ubuntu

I've been playing with the latest version of Ubuntu (10.04 Lucid Lynx) and it's pretty great. I've played with every version of Ubuntu since Breezy Badger back in 2005. The big difference with this one is that have had to do basically nothing to get it working. I had to install the wireless drivers (a real hassle to do without an internet connection) but that was about it.
Thing is, that was my favorite part of installing Ubuntu. It took a little bit work but it was so much fun to customize. Now everything is already set up exactly like it should be. What is a geek to do? Oh well, in the end I'll probably go back to using Windows just because Ubuntu can't run Photoshop natively. Such is the life of a graphic designer.

Modok with Hot Chicks?

The Invincible Chris Sims put out a call for submissions to the Hot Chicks with Modok photo gallery. I, along with the rest of the modern world, was disqualified for being photoshopped. That means that you, YOU, loyal readers get to enjoy Modok getting his mack on here on this very blog.

I love my second attempt. Modok is SHOCKED.

Well that post was less of a weird downer than the Girls Gone Wild one from yesterday.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Girls Gone Wild... In North Vernon?

That's the scene in North Vernon from a couple weeks ago. I had heard (from my mom) that the Girls Gone Wild bus was parked in front of a local bar in my home town, but I didn't have a picture of it until now. I honestly can't believe it. What are they doing there?

Not to disparage the good people of North Vernon as being unattractive. My own cousin Alli Biehle is Miss Indiana, USA so there are certainly beautiful people in the area. I'm just thinking that upon arrival Joe Francis must have been disappointed.

I know some people think of Girls Gone Wild as not being porn, because it has TV ads. In fact it's much worse. Real porn has actresses who chose to be part of it for their own reasons. For the way it takes advantage of women, Girls Gone Wild is much worse. Don't believe me? Check out the controversies section of Joe Francis' Wikipedia page. That guy is a real scumbag.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Garmin Nuvi Fun – Wario

Fun fact about Wario and me. I love to play as him in Smash Bros. This gets me in trouble because I do my (dead on) Wario laugh as I run wild on my enemies. This is too much for them to bear so I’ve been relegated to more mute characters since.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Garmin Nuvi Fun - Toad

Toad is one of my favorites while playing Mario Kart. I’m prone to accidents so I love anyone with quick acceleration. When I play as somebody like Bowser I’m not even in contention.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Garmin Nuvi Fun – Princess Peach

The Princess gave me an awful lot of trouble. It turns out her sprite is just ugly.It’s tough to accept that, bit it’s true. Thankfully the only really bad angles are the front facing ones which you almost never see.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Garmin Nuvi Fun - Luigi

I did tweak these sprites a bit. The original’s colors are all washed out to look brighter on the original GBA’s unlit screen. I made them more vivid and smoothed some colors and gradients where it wouldn’t make the whole thing look blurry. I just can’t stand a blurry sprite.


Garmin Nuvi Fun – Mario Kart

I told you I had a solution. I’ve been liberally cribbing sprites from The Shyguy Kingdom. Specifically their Mario Kart Super Circuit page.

Using this sprite sheet I put together a 3d view of Mario on his go-kart and converted it to the SRF format needed for use on Garmin Nuvi’s. Not only that, but I’ve done it for every driver in Mario Kart Super Circuit for the GBA.


Garmin Nuvi Fun – Some Background

This week and next I’ll be posting some custom vehicles for Garmin Nuvi devices. It used to be that if you wanted to customize your GPS you had to download from the Garmin Garage. The Garage is cool but it’s only got what Garmin wants to give you. That means you get a lot of generic cars, when what you really want is the oddly specific.

Thankfully reverse-engineered the vehicle file format and created a decompiler and recompiler. That is to say, we can now make our own vehicles. To the uninitiated you may think that the car on your GPS is a 3d model, not so. It is actually a series of pictures of a 3d model. That means the cool guys at can give use things like X-Wings, the Blues Mobile, Ecto-1, and sooooo much more. Too bad I’m no good at 3d modeling.

I’ve found an interesting solution to that problem. You’ll see it coming up soon.

September 25, 95

DSCN9391“Last nigt we had my bithday partty.  Beth, Mandy, and Danile, Kayla, and Roylin was there.  we had fun.”


You know its a party when there are two t’s. 

I’m so glad I can spell now.  besides ‘nigt’ and ‘bithday’, I completely ignored the phoentics of Daniele’s name.  Bah, phonetics, who needs ‘em?

At that time, those five girls were my best friends.  I still keep in fairly regular contact with Beth, despite all of our moving.

I like how there is no explanation of my ‘partty’ though. Probably pizza and cake.. but with extra awesome.  I wouldn’t have put that extra ‘t’ in there for nothing….

Monday, May 10, 2010


“Dear Joanna,DSCN9391

I liked your Journal.  Each day is something different.  Did you know, Elizabeth and I went to weddings too? Thanks for keeping the letters neat.

Mrs. Mayo”


Mrs. Mayo was the strangest teacher I think I ever had in grade school.  She had the same thing for lunch every day (tuna salad and crackers), a lisp, and she wore a microphone.  This was because she was insanely soft spoken.  This mic transmitted through the speakers scattered throughout the room.  She would turn it off when she took people in the hall to yell at them, but some times she forgot.  No matter what, as soon as she was out the door, my classmates and I would crowd around the strategically placed speakers to hear other kids get into trouble or other ‘juicy’ information.  Cause we totally cared as 2nd graders that one teacher told another that they paid off their mortgage…  overall though, old Mrs. Mayo was a good teacher, despite her strange tendencies.

I totally appreciate the fact she signed it “love”. That’s dedication.  

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Grade A Fancy Tater Tots

Before, I would have accepted aaany old tater tot, but from this point on I am a man of refined tastes.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rayburn Easter 2010

I made an Easter home movie last year and I made a new one this year. This one took long since I didn’t have school computers to make it on. I hope you enjoy it.