Friday, April 3, 2009

Ephemera pt 3 - Driving Pass

Part Three of the Ephemera series returns us to High School.

High School is a weird time. Not as weird as middle school, but pretty weird nonetheless. I was lucky in that my school had a TV program. It wasn't too advanced, but it was much bigger than we deserved. I was able to learn so much there that I still use today. Naturally, looking back on what I made then, I dip my head in shame but at the time it seemed great.

By the I was a senior all I was doing was TV. I was taking the actual class, I was a teachers assistant, and to round out my day I was an intern. Most interns were out of the school so we all got driving passes. Mine was used mostly for delivering/retrieving tapes from local churches and picking up Chinese food. Any time spent in other classes was remedied by pink excuse slips that I had access to. Good times.