Tuesday, February 1, 2011

September 27, 95

“Last night I got to see my friend Danile.  her faimly was paiting. we gave her necless. she liked it a lot.”DSCN0439

It has been a while! Sorry for the delay in posts. Life was crazy for a while. Let’s jump right back in where we were! And hey look! I finally learned to spell night!  I feel like this journal entry shows improvement, despite my dyslexia and lack of ‘n’s. I even used  ‘a lot’ correctly vs well,  you know

It’s good to know that I still haven’t figured out how to spell one of my best friend’s names. What’s funny, is if I remember correctly, she wasn’t a very nice friend. Ah, kids are funny, aren’t they?

I wonder if I purposefully destroyed the grammar here, though. ‘we gave her necless” sounds like possible decapitation. Probably not. But hey, second graders.

I’d also like to think that her family was not painting the walls or house, but rather a mural. Maybe of chickens.