Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pokedex Android Skin

I love Halloween so much that my Phone is going in costume. You'll see my Brock costume later, but for now check out my custom Pokedex skin for my Droid 2. That's my home and lock screens up there. I spent HOURS in Photoshop to make these. You wanna know why? Because, I want to be the very best. Like no-one ever was.
My red case only adds to the awesome.


Deeyawn said...

How Does Someone Come Up On That Wallpaper?!?

Anonymous said...

Anything like this for iPod Touch?

Josh said...
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Anonymous said...

How did you get this to work on your phone???

Joseph Rader said...

Could you post the pictures to download. I am tying to theme my phone after the pokedex and this would make it perfect.

Maddie Ferrara said...

Ohmygod this is perfect. I'm making my own too and this is a great reference.


Claire Doyle Schauer said...

Uggggg I want it!!!

Antoine Mallia said...

Dude, seriously release this thing! It's the perfect Pokemon Launcher theme!

Anonymous said...

>How does someone come upon that wallpaper
>Ugggg I want it!!!
>Dude, seriously release this thing
>could you post the pictures

I'm so confused about what you think the square things are at the top of this post.

No seriously.

Those are pictures. That you can set as your background. Because they're pictures. This couldn't be more simple, how is it going over your heads?

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