Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ephemera pt 5 - The Library

My mom probably won't like me posting these, so if you somehow check a book out in my name don't tell her.

I used to be a big reader. Unfortunately this was when I was quite small. I'd go the library every week to check out new books. My favorites were big books about Greek and Norse mythology. Then I started reading Star Wars Expanded Universe books. I always hated assigned reading in school. This is probably because Norse Mythology and Star Wars were never subjects.

My gosh, my signature probably hasn't changed in the decade since I signed that card. My handwriting has remained stagnant and so has my reading. I read the news and a bunch of comic books (though I never keep up to date with the monthlies) but the only books I've read recently have been Jonathan Hodgman's books. Theres something about his lies as truth that clicks with me.