Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bro Week – Hammers on the Map

Notice something new on that map? That’s right. Hammer Bros. No longer satisfied with waiting for you in levels, the hammer bros have gone on patrol. They walk about the world map as moving levels. It’s occasionally possible to sneak past them by taking another route but if you do run into one you’re in for  a fight.

See? A quick mini level with just hammer bros inside. If you win you get a prize and you get to move forward. These aren’t easy though. The tightness of the level doesn’t give you a lot of room to mount an offense so your best bet is to go in with a Starman or at least a fire flower.

Not too bad, but it gets better. There are special hidden spots on the map that if a hammer brother is on, then there will be hidden items in the bricks of the level.When a hammer bro is standing on one of these spaces he will turn a hot red. Naturally these are called “hot spots.”