Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Water Week - Boss Bass & Big Bertha & Baby

Pants shitting terror. That is how I feel about Boss Bass. It leaps right out of the water to swallow you whole. I’ve never mentioned it on this blog but I am terrified of large aquatic creatures. Worse still when videogames make me confront lake monsters of varying sizes. (don’t ask me to play the lake are of RE4) The root of that fear is right here. I still consider the Boss Bass levels to be some of the hardest in the whole game. It shouldn’t be so difficult, but it is.

Meanwhile, under the water, are the visually identical Big Bertha variety. They just swim back and forth, occasionally releasing a baby Cheep-Cheep from their mouths in a frightening display. I’d say more, but these guys creep me out.