Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Action – Episode 3

My good friend Tom Otero thinks this is the best thing we’ve ever done. It is the first time we used any literary devices in out story. It’s amazing how much a framing sequence to make a story seem so much more interesting.

  1. This is my only on screen appearance in the Random Action series.  Adam Rickabus survives this video to return as High Pockets in the finale.
  2. When I first came up with the concept for Random Action, I didn’t know about Jeff Brown but I was friends with his brother Steve. When I found out he had a twin who would act for me every changed.
  3. That hubcap is hanging in my room in my Mom’s house.
  4. My glasses really broke on set so we had them fall off toward the camera. Lots of quick compromises were made to make this happen. I wish I still had the gumption to do that on all my projects.
  5. Music is by Scott H Biram. He is a badass.
  6. We bought a mattress at the Salvation Army to make landings easier. $24.
  7. After avoiding the NERF aspect in Episode 2 we really embraced it here with the NERF shotgun.
  8. At the 2:40 mark you can see Tom’s shadow fall across the actors when the camera spins. He feels he can never atone for this sin. I’m still upset about him hitting my knee on the one good drive away shot.
  9. Tom ran the camera for all of this episode and it really shows. He’s fantastic at getting really dynamic shots. I have an old joke about telling which one of us was holding the camera in a given shot. If it’s a low angle shot Tom did it. (He’s short)
  10. Steve speaks enough Spanish to correct my awful bit of writing at the end. Thank god.