Monday, August 2, 2010

Random Action – Episode 4

There was a yearlong break between the release of ep3 and ep4, despite us having shot it just a week later.

Tom, Jeff and myself drove to West Lafayette to shoot on the Purdue campus with my friend Jarrod. He worked with me on most of my stuff from high school. In this case he plays El Oso.

We were forced to use a MUCH worse camera than we used on our other episodes and we shot after dark resulting in near unwatchable footage. I had a rough cut ready a week after we shot it but I couldn’t bring myself to release it.

The next year I had an assignment to do an open ended video project so I finished my cut and synced it to the Raveonettes and turned it in. At that point our parent series Random Acts had started a new season with a new title style so we adopted it resulting in a new color scheme.

I still have the footage for a secret non-cannon ending that has an old flame of Jeff’s save his life. She was played by Jeff’s girlfriend at the time. At the time the script was written at least. They broke up days before we shot it. The footage is so… so bad.

When we shot Episode 5 we changed the ending so that it’s Marlowe who saves Jeff. I still regret there being no women in the series but at least they were behind the scenes for episode 5.