Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Random Action – Episode 5

You’ll really want to watch this one in HD. 720p probably. 1080p starts to show the flaws too well.

This was a great undertaking for us at the time, like nothing we had ever done before. In HD no less! All of the other episodes were shot in a day but this one was shot over a month. Our crew was much larger, in that we had one. I’m particularly proud of our transition to color. Scene to scene we used color to create mood which was a lot of fun to engineer in post.

The fight scenes were a lot of fun to choreograph. You can even watch a slideshow of photos taken during our practice sessions.

The actual shooting was… interesting. There were injuries and interruptions around every corner. Tom gut hit in the head with a sword. “Gospel Fest” was in the next room while we shot the first fight. Somebody called the cops on us while we shot the last sign. I busted my ankle scrambling to the door to greet the cops on the roof.

I wasn’t there the day the basement scene was shot. I would have stopped Jeff from looking like he was molesting Tom after he gets shot.

The Roof scene is my favorite part and I hope yours too. Suprisingly, it was the easiest to shoot as well. Jeff and Steve has such great chemistry that there’s no way it could have gone wrong. Such great chemistry that some of the fighting is real. Brothers.

We weren’t sure how the fall from the roof would work till the editing stage. We shot it a few ways and none looked good. We had a plan to take a cheaper camera and rigging it to a balloon/parachute to drop off the roof for a perfect shot of the fall but it didn’t come to be. I still think it could have worked but I have my detractors.