Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Houston pt 2

Whoa, I've been gone too long. Houston was fun, but it's good to be back home again in Indiana. Here's me with the stuffed gator.

Trevor snapped some of these. We found out lator that Dilligaf means "Does it look like I give an F?" We had no idea it was an acronym at the time. Here's another view of our swanky hotel room. They sealed the toilet paper with baseball diamonds.

Houston University's letters are UH so everything is labled "uh". This trash seemed like a freshman in a senior biology class. We ate at a real life texas restaurant that had a (and I qoute the locals) "big ass f'n armadilla" outiside. As in "You won't miss that big ass f'n armadilla".

I stole this breakfast from the hotel. I could have signed it to the room, but I didn't know the protocol so I walked in, got my food from the bar, ate it, and walked out. Nobody said a word to me. Later I saw all the birds downtown. This was an omen of ill portent.

Seriously, those pictures do not relay the message. All the birds. All of them. The omen was almost definately a warning about the wrestling finals.

It's a good thing that I ran Track and Field instead. Thanks for looking at my pictures. Heres a slideshow so you can see all of them.