Monday, March 2, 2009

Without Troy - Seven Weeks

"Thats a wrap on primary photography for Without Troy." It was with little fanfare that I uttered those words in the freezing cold Safeway parking lot. I think after spending most of the weekend moving at double speed to get everything done and get everyone back inside for hot cocoa, those words didn't hold much weight.

Didn't Joanna do a great job with those pictures? She's gotten so much better since we started this project. It's kind of disappointing that there won't be more days on set for her to take pictures on. Did you take a look at her artsy post? Joanna has become my unofficial co-blogger at this point.

So we've officially entered post production. Damn. I'm going to be spending way more time in the edit bays. I'll be trying to knock out rough edits soon. We'll also be knocking out some music tracks with our musicians. I've already been in talks with David Keim who is doing all our incidentals. You'll remember him as having done the music for Random Action ep5. Not only is he a great musician and composer but he also puts up with my complete lack of musical knowledge.