Tuesday, May 11, 2010

September 25, 95

DSCN9391“Last nigt we had my bithday partty.  Beth, Mandy, and Danile, Kayla, and Roylin was there.  we had fun.”


You know its a party when there are two t’s. 

I’m so glad I can spell now.  besides ‘nigt’ and ‘bithday’, I completely ignored the phoentics of Daniele’s name.  Bah, phonetics, who needs ‘em?

At that time, those five girls were my best friends.  I still keep in fairly regular contact with Beth, despite all of our moving.

I like how there is no explanation of my ‘partty’ though. Probably pizza and cake.. but with extra awesome.  I wouldn’t have put that extra ‘t’ in there for nothing….