Monday, May 10, 2010


“Dear Joanna,DSCN9391

I liked your Journal.  Each day is something different.  Did you know, Elizabeth and I went to weddings too? Thanks for keeping the letters neat.

Mrs. Mayo”


Mrs. Mayo was the strangest teacher I think I ever had in grade school.  She had the same thing for lunch every day (tuna salad and crackers), a lisp, and she wore a microphone.  This was because she was insanely soft spoken.  This mic transmitted through the speakers scattered throughout the room.  She would turn it off when she took people in the hall to yell at them, but some times she forgot.  No matter what, as soon as she was out the door, my classmates and I would crowd around the strategically placed speakers to hear other kids get into trouble or other ‘juicy’ information.  Cause we totally cared as 2nd graders that one teacher told another that they paid off their mortgage…  overall though, old Mrs. Mayo was a good teacher, despite her strange tendencies.

I totally appreciate the fact she signed it “love”. That’s dedication.