Monday, January 11, 2010

Baddies: Goomba

Oh yes, this project isn’t falling apart after one week. Maybe two weeks yeah, but certainly not just one.

Ah the Goomba. You march onward and onward. If I jump over you, then you will just keep on going. Are you really my enemy? In another world we might have been friends.

Goombas were the first baddie we saw in SMB so it’s fitting they should be the first we see here too. Even in their giant world versions they aren’t particularly threatening but they are iconic.

In Japan the Goomba are known as Kurribo. That’s why when you see them riding in their secret weapon –the shoe- it’s known as Kurribo’s Shoe. It’s a miss translation, or rather, a non-translation. These weird little guys only show up in one level of the whole game. The level itself is actually kind of boring, but it’s crazy to see them try so hard to take you down.

We’ll see in the next few days that Goombas have gotten a lot more advanced since SMB.