Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bonus: Oh How We’ve Changed

The change from Super Mario Bros to Super Mario Bros 3 was a big one. The biggest changes were to gameplay but the first thing you noticed was the new sprites for the classic enemies. Let’s take a look.

-> The black outlines of SMB3 give the Goomba much more definition. The shine on his feet adds much as well.

-> The bobbing of the Koopa-Troopa hasn’t changed at all but his detail has. It’s amazing how much more appealing the SMB3 sprites are.

-> The biggest changes are saved for the Piranha plant. The addition of lips manages to gives the plant much more personality.

The theme, across the board, is to make the sprites more  cartoonish and appealing. It may seem odd to make the enemies of the game more likeable but it adds a lot to making the whole game more interesting to look at.