Friday, January 8, 2010

The Other Brother, Luigi

I’ve spent the last week detailing how Mario moves and I’m dedicating the foreseeable future to Super Mario Bros 3. Today though? Today is for Luigi.

luigi3Luigi made his first appearance in Mario Bros the arcade game. (you’ll hear more about it here much later) In that he was a color swapped version of Mario. Same deal in Super Mario Bros. In Super Mario Bros 2 though… wow. Luigi could jump higher and longer with his legs swinging the whole time. He was taller and and weirder, but almost certainly distinct. Too bad SMB2 was an aberration and these traits would take a long time to surface again in gameplay form.

luigi1Yep, Luigi is identical in every way to Mario in SMB3 except for color and even that disappears with the fire and tanooki suits. As such, he’ll likely never be mentioned again here. As an apology, here’s Luigi stealing Mario’s girl.