Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Blog-olutions

Oh that’s bad. I’ll leave the blog based portmanteaus to the cable news networks. That’s my first resolution. (and probably first to be broken) My second and hopefully seen to completion resolution is much bigger. I’m going to be posting a 200 part series on the best videogame of all time Super Mario Bros 3.


Every week day I’ll be posting something (anything) about the game including secrets, tips and commentary on every single level in the game. If that doesn’t sound great then you NEED to read it. SMB3 is more than you ever imagined and it’s worth the ultimate in tributes: 200 Days of Mario 3

Warning: The length of these posts will vary wildly. I can talk for hours and hours about this game and I am trying to spread that evenly over the next year. The first few posts will be especially long as I set up the rest of the series. Also: I will still be posting other updates, I really just want to make sure I have SOME regular content on the site.