Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Missed A Monday

It’s happened a few times before so it shouldn’t surprise you, but I missed a post yesterday. You’ll get it in little bit along with a third post today to catch up. As a bonus you get to hear why I didn’t post.

I was asked by my good friend Mia Claxton to design a logo for her. I considered it a privilege. Her beautiful middle name is Rose and I allowed that to be my primary inspiration. Be sure to check out her design blog.

I also had some ups and downs in my job search. Bad news: Best Buy rejected me because I failed their psych evaluation. These are the people who ask you if "It is maddening when the court lets guilty criminals go free." So I'm not terribly surprised I lost out. How does being a normal rational mind pass an irrational psych analysis? Luck? Lying? I don't know. The good news: My ever-amazing friend Nic Belmonte has found me a smattering of freelance work. Few people have come through for me like Nic has.