Tuesday, March 16, 2010

September 9-21,1995


“Yesterday was my brithday.  I got a sea world petshop from my dad.  and 7$ dollers. You are rich!”

First off, let’s note the date.  Clearly a classmate tried to tell me you could write the date in just numbers and dashes.  I probably didn’t believe this, and for the sake of future readers, I wrote down the month too.  You can never be too careful.

Aside from the misspellings of birthday and dollars (both are semi-understandable), we again see the ‘afterthought sentence’.  Train of thought goes like this: “Well, I did get 7 dollars.  Oh well, I will just tack it on.  I can’t erase the period before it.  I’m sure no one will notice.”

The same kid that gave me the info on the date probably tried to tell me that I could use just the dollar sign, instead of writing out the word. Once again,for the sake of absolute clarity, I decided to be painfully clear that I received 7 units of money.