Monday, March 15, 2010

September 20, 1995


“I roasted marshmollows.  last nitht.  with my dad.  I liked it. Me too!”

What concerns me most about this entry is not the ‘phonetic’ spelling of marshmallows, or the butchering of the word ‘night’ (yes ladies and gentlemen, that’s supposed to be night), or even the prolific use of punctuation.  It is the fact that this is my 7th birthday, and you wouldn’t even know!  Ever since I can remember, I would remind people weeks, even months in advance that my birthday was coming.  Not necessarily for a party, or for presents, but just so they would make sure to say ‘happy birthday’ on that special day.

Anyways, can we note here that I spelled roasted completely correct? and ‘marshmollows’ is acceptable enough. But boy did I ever crash and burn with the word ‘night’.

Oh, and P.S. I found it creepy then, and I still do that my teacher wrote “met too!” at the end of this entry.  She did not roast ‘marshmollows’ last ‘nitht’ with my dad, and the fact that she liked it too was a little weird to me.


I hope that with every misspelling, you’re trying to pronounce the butchered word out loud, and you are reading the sentences how they are written. short and halty.