Saturday, March 13, 2010

September 19, 1995


“We went to nana’s house. and saw my cousin Kayla, Sissy  ->Is this grandma?”

The day before my birthday, and this is all I can come up with? Geeze-O-Petes.  I am way more excited about my birthday nowadays than I was as a kid.

So in reality, nana IS my grandma, but I’ve never called her that.  Regardless, 2nd grade me probably read that note as: “What? Is she my grandma? No! She’s my Nana. If she was my grandma I would’ve said it.” 

Also, I like how I saw my ‘cousin Kayla, Sissy’.  Sissy was Kayla’s little sister.  I must have forgotten about her existence, even though I saw her the previous night, and she was about a year and a half old then. I had gotten so far in my sentence, I couldn’t be bothered with restructuring it to include her.  Meh, why bother to tack on an ‘s’? Commas work just as well.  Her name is actually Brenda, and honestly, I had probably forgotten that too, explaining why I put her sister’s nickname for her. Haha, I was a jerk of a cousin.