Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Freedom Force part 3

Today we focus on the good guys here on my retrospective of Freedom Force creations. Some are better than others so remember that this was when I was just starting up learning Photoshop. Be merciful oh ye gods of the internet.
Ember was the total powerhouse of the team. He was made of fire. I am still super impressed with how the effect turned out. I wanted to make a fire character that didn't look like a flat orange Human Torch that other artists had made or one that relied on the game slowing particle system to make him look fiery. As for a back story I don't think I ever made one for him. Sorry.
This lady is named Heir. I know that because of her file name is heir.jpg and that's good enough for me. If I recall, she was supposed to be from another planet claiming that her father once ruled Earth and that it was now hers. She ended up being a hero after helping stop Demagogue when he tried to take over the world she demanded was hers.
This dude is Hayden. He's named that for a mysterious spot in Hayden, Indiana where gravity doesn't work properly. Naturally his power was control of gravity. He had temper control problems so when he got angry he could lose control of his powers. I'm surprised that I was able to accurately depict this within the game but it worked out pretty well.
This is me as a well dressed gangster. The reason for my longtime gangster kick was my role in the 8th grade production of Guys and Dolls. I played Big Jule a legendary gangster from Chicago. This left a long lasting impression on me. For a long time my online handle was Big Jule. This unfortunatley made me look more like I like show tunes than being a gangster.