Thursday, July 9, 2009

Freedom Force part 4

I have another lineup of characters from my days as a skinner for the game Freedom Force. I found all of these images when I opened my Geocities account for the first time in five years and lo-and behold these were still there. Lets have another look shall we?
This wonder of my early creative mind is known as Impervious. I know for a fact that his impenetrable aura did appear in game and that his only power was invulnerability. Based on his ill-drawn jeans, cowboy boots and gloves I’ll bet he used to be in a Rodeo. Lets make up an origin story. Shall we?
Eugene Coffey was born special, but he didn’t know it. Working rodeo shows since he was just a kid he never showed any fear. That is, until one day he faced off against a bull bigger than any other he had ever known. Showing fear for the first time in his life, he cowered before the bull, on instinct a glowing shield popped up and saved him from certain doom. The bull however died in the incident. Fleeing from the confused and angry crowd Eugene took the name IMPERVIOUS and struck out on his own.
That was fun. The next one on our list is… Jessi. I’m pretty sure this one is based on my girlfriend at the time. I made characters for all of my friends, but this is the only one to survive. Just like I don’t look much like the FF version of Ewzzy I don’t recall her looking a lot like this. I also don’t remember her ever doing Tai Chi on the beach. I clearly spent a long time on this one, because female skins were a billion times harder to make than guys. The chest geometry stretched out any texture you made.
I’m proud of this one. La Prisa had a pretty cool back story. The name is Spanish for “The Rush” and as you can tell she has super speed powers. I distinctly remember her story was that she was very religious and that she believed that her powers were given to her by god. Nothing could convince her otherwise.
I wish I had more of a back story for this one. I think she was supposed to be a love interest for Ewzzy but I could be way off. The only detail I have is that her filename was lora.jpg so we’ll call her Lora. I bet she thinks she’s sneaky hiding in the shade of the otherwise well lit downtown.